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From: Rubber Rider
Subject: Farm LifeThree was three of us database nude model loli that were good mates at school, my name is Kevin,
then there is Paul and John are my mates. We lived in a farming area and
therefore many of the kids at school rode a horse to get there. We were
close enough to walk 3 miles, which was average. There was none of this
fancy clothes or peer pressure of today. preteen model prelolita bbs
Most guys wore their bib overalls,
flannel shirt and boots.As time went on we all had to go to town for our last two years, this
resulted in many dropouts as there parents could not afford the bus; so
hence those kids started work on there parents farm.The real heavy work was given to the boys but the girls also did there work
as well that included plowing, milking, cleaning out the stalls and helping
there Mother with laundry and sometimes cooking.Despite our workload we did have time to enjoy ourselves, all our Dads paid
us for work done, I started to save up for a dirt bike and some camping
equipment.In my case, I achieved enough money for a bike; then much to my surprise my
Dad said come on Kevin we are going to town to ensure you get a good bike.Well we get town it's Wednesday afternoon and Dad says look Kevin I don't
wish to interfere but believe or not I used to enjoy riding and I've still
got my gear. We will be getting two bikes and this weekend we will go
riding and take our swags and enjoy each other as it's about time we did
this on our own.We got two 250cc dirt bikes; dad said I will get you some gear which turned
out to be motocross style including body armor plus some good leather
gloves.Once home I quickly leant to ride, yes I came off a couple of times and
felt a little sore. I slept well that night and dreamt of our forthcoming
trip with my Dad.Thursday morning we go about our work which was fencing repairs about three
miles from home. While out there Paul shows up riding his horse. Ok Kevin
what's this I hear about going camping this weekend, I looked surprised and
asked how do you know.Paul starts to laugh and says you will never guess but my Dad & I are doing
the same thing. Next thing John shows up and we both say, your going
camping this weekend with your Dad eh! Yes but how do you know, well we are
also doing the same thing.Paul lays his horse blanket on the ground and says its time we got into
practice and fucked each other. I finished up in the middle and was given a
blow job and was fucked at the same time by Paul. His horse was standing
watching and slowly came over and was sniffing at Paul's arse then he got
licked this made Paul shoot loads into my rear channel and at the same time
I filled Johns mouth up with my cum.We roll apart exhausted and talk about the forth coming camping saying you
know it would be great if we all meet up somewhere on the trip.I said sorry guys I must get this repair done otherwise we will loose the
cattle, the other two said gee look at the time we are well over due for
lunch and so they both head off.I get home later in the day and smile to myself as I see Dad's riding gear
on the clothes line drying off. That night at lolas bald pussy lolita supper Dad says Kevin we will
head out straight after lunch tomorrow as there are a number of places I
want to show you so to-morrow make sure the cattle's water jp loli bbs links
is ok and also
there is enough hay in the barn for when they come in for milking.Next morning I get through all my schoolgirl lolita free pics
work and do some clean up as well, I head
for my room and get changed and ready to ride. My overalls and shirt I roll
up in my sway with a large towel and some soap.We have lunch and mother gives Dad the grub plus some metal plates and
mugs.We head off out through the bye ways and eventually get onto dirt trails, I
find I'm doing OK so long as I don't rush. Finally after about 3 hours we
find a great level spot with great views. I'm thinking wouldn't be great if
my mates and there Dads were to show up. Dad has been poking around and
found a nice stream with clear water.Dad asks me did I have any girl friends when I was at school, I said no -
they were all talking stupid and giggling and I don't like that. Well I
know you have a couple of good mates as you all seem to get on well
together. So do you masturbate or have sex with each other when on your
own.Kevin has gone very quiet but finally admits that lolita pretenn model nake they have sex with each
other, well I hope you all use condoms for safety reasons we generally do
-- good.Suddenly Kevin's dad pulls Kevin over and hugs and suddenly kisses his son
and Kevin has his tongue into his Dad's mouth and rolls it around.Dad say's this is going to surprise you but I was gay and I guess you have
to call me Bi these days. So Kevin do you think of yourself being Gay; his
answer was never thought about it but I enjoy male company what ever we are
doing.Thanks Kevin for being open, and by the way what ever we discuss this
weekend is kept between us -- it was my turn to hug my Dad no problems
and thanks.So let's get going again, I've another spot I think you will also like and
by the way you are doing well on your bike; I like the way you are handling
it.We head on again and very soon come to an even larger level area with a
good size stream running through the area. This is where I'm planning on
camping tonight; what do you say. Kevin says look over there jp loli bbs links is lots of
bracken and it has a natural cover idea for our sways. We take our bikes
over to the spot that Kevin has spotted -- hey this looks good says his
Dad trust you to spot a good location.Well they both unload there bikes and then they go out collecting
firewood. Since there swags are off the bikes they lay them out and
suddenly Kevin's Dad says lets zip them together -- hey great idea says
Kevin.Kevin makes the comment I sure like this riding gear it is real
comfortable, so Kevin what do think of the body amour well it is certainly
comfortable I respect that fact you purchased my gear and will make full
use of it whenever I ride -- thanks Kevin. Well the sun has come out late
today and it's getting real warm, Kevin is checking out the river and it
appears to have a number of deep holes so stripping off he heads into the
water and calls out come on in Dad it's great and will make you feel
better. A few moments later a splash and his Dad is in there; they find
they can stand up with the water to there necks, next they hugging each
other and Kevin's hands are roaming around his Dad's body. Oh Kevin we
should have done this sooner -- your right Dad.Suddenly they hear the sounds of a truck and so move out of the river and
as they make there way back to where there gear is then they realize it is
John and his Dad. So they stand there not bothering to cover up waiting for
them to come closer.John and his Dad are laughing and his Dad says; hey, you two catch and John
Dad throws out a couple of cans of beer. The truck is parked, John is
looking around and then sees the two bikes, hey you got your bike eh Kevin
-- yup and my Dad's riding again it's great as far as I'm concerned. The
Dads got together and Kevin & John wandered off to talk. John says to Kevin
you will never believe it my Dad came out to me but he never asked if I was
gay.Interesting because Dad and I talked and we came out to each other; however
Dad calls himself as Bi and we are sleeping together tonight as we have
already zip our swag together -- thanks that has given me an idea, I'm
going to zip our swags together. So do you know if Paul and his Dad are
coming, no idea but I think they will show up, any idea what time they were
leaving -- no sorry.We both get a call, hey you guys more beer here and since we are sleeping
here do not worry if you get drunk we are all men and we look after each
other by the way.Well John and I get another beer and now we are all talking as a group,
suddenly we hear the whiney of a horse we all look around and then see Paul
and his dad riding in to our site. Well John & I lolas bald pussy lolita go over to Paul great to
see you and we all hug each other. The Dads are doing something similar.Paul say you will never believe it but I came out to my Dad and al he did
was grab me and said thanks for being honest and for your info I was gay at
your age but now I call myself Bi.My Dad calls out come here you guys and give us all a hug please, then he
says perhaps we should all get our swag setup so for to-night you guys can
sleep together and we Dads can do the same, so what do you say to the idea.John says I can go with that however one night I want to sleep with you
dad, no problems son we are all so relaxed due to our beer intake.John's says OK guys help me please to get this stuff it out of the truck a
BBQ and a cooler box with steaks and the fixings plus another cooler box.Very quickly, the Dads said free art lolita pics
it is there job to serve our sons so hence, we
all backed off and all got another beer not for getting a beer for our
dads.Well we all had a great supper and our Dads supplied a special after supper
drink; well wasn't long before we were all feeling very horny since ls island lolitas nude
we had
amazing erections. As the temperature dropped we got the fire going and it
was soon putting out lots of heat.Suddenly John says I'm so horny I have got to do something about how about
you guys, well I thought it was just me but they all indicated they felt
the same. The Dads said go for it boys sorry you're not boys any more but
dammed good sons and for your information we three are going to be doing
the same so no holds barred as far as we are concerned.Suddenly everyone is stripping off to bare arse, when you look around they
are all hung like horses. Suddenly Paul horse and his dad's horse are
getting interested; Paul's says I'm going to hobble them both that way they
will leave us alone.Well the next couple of hours everyone got fucked etc and in fact a daisy
chain was achieved especially well as all got into the right rhythm.Finally everyone was exhausted, eventually one of the Dads's said we call
this weekend a bonding party where we all get know each other better and
I'm going to get some over proof rum so please get the kettle on. By the
way we Dad's have done this between ourselves before and felt you guys
should enjoy the same type situation; there was overall agreement from
everyone.Kettle is very hot six tall glasses are produced and a good spoonful of
brown sugar is added, the hot water is poured into the glass and well
stirred. OK Guys put your own rum into the glass remember it is strong but
good.It was not long before anyone was feeling any pain, after several glasses I
guess we past out. When we woke up we were all sleeping with our Dad's and
the sun was just rising, I needed a pee so quietly slipped out from under
the cover and headed for the nearest bush. I don't know how preteen model prelolita bbs
long I spent
there but didn't seem to want to stop peeing either finally my bladder felt
empty but my head felt terrible.Returning to my swag I slide back in again, as Dad roused and did the same
thing as me. Once he was back in the swag he hugged me, saying thanks Kevin
you make me very proud at the way you handle yourself last evening.I don't understand your comments Oh you will eventually and by the way
to-night is father and son night.Saturday was our turn on doing breakfast and all we guys helped out doing
bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes and hash browns plus lashings of tea the
wash it down. Eventually we cleaned up everything and stacked it all away
into the container.Saturday was spent for me riding with Dad, the other two went there own
ways however we had agreed to be back in camp by 3:00pm. Dad and I had a
great day and we did some mud holes I fell off and very thankful for the
body armor but I loved it all the same.Dad also came off on loose gravel and finished up laughing his head
off. This resulted in both of us rolling around on the ground like kids
getting dirtier by the minute however neither of us cared a dam.Eventually we got back to camp, the others were there and saw us nice and
dirty, plastered in mud etc and they were laughing. I said to Dad the river
I think; well we washed everything off got out of the river and then
stripped off taking both our pants and jersey giving them another wash.Dad says to me don't worry to much about your gear as it is now christened
well, your mum will clean it up some more I'm sure as she hates seeing any
of us in real dirty gear. You know how she is with our overalls.John & Paul said to me hey Kevin we are doing supper tonight, sounds good
to me so we need to get things ready please, no problem I'll be right over.Kevin asks what are we cooking, steaks of course two a piece with corn,
garlic bread and salad. Desert will be Benedictine as we have a large
bottle, if you want there are some oranges and apples we could slice them
up make sugar syrup and then pour Benedictine lolita nymph rompl chill over that lot -- that
sounds even better.The Dads were well into preteen lolitas nude pictures the beers and getting more relaxed every time we
looked at them. Because it would be dark bye 7:00pm we started supper about
4:30pm so by about 5:15pm supper was ready to be served this gave us all
time to clean up before dark.Supper went down well and we were all complimented on what we had done
especially the fruit that preteen model prelolita bbs had an interesting flavor.I knew my Dad had a bottle of moonshine with him; however I laced it with
some crush up Viagra yesterday so that it would have a chance to
dissolve. Since this was our last night out I got Dad's bottle and pour a
small amount into everyone glass. One of the other Dads gee this is good
stuff, pass me the bottle please.Well everyone had several shots, we guys had our overalls on as we had been
cooking but all the Dads were bear arsed. I dropped my overalls to the
ground and looked around as by now everyone had massive erections and in my
case I was very hard.I guess I lead the way as I went over to my Dad and started a 69 on him. I
didn't care what anyone else thought either; very soon my other mates were
doing the same thing with there dads. We all got lots of protein and then
washed all down with more moonshine.When you looked around we all looked good with our erections, it really was
something we could all be proud of!Then there was a suggestion of another daisy chain with all involved, well
there was no argument with that; a large tube of KY was produced and
condoms and we all went to it and had a great evening. I can only speak for
myself but I shoot many times. We hit the sack very relaxed, Dad said to me
its been a great weekend hope you have enjoyed it Kevin, all I said we must
do this more often even if it one night. I'm so glad you think that way son
thank you.I fell asleep very quickly only waking up because dad was moving around
heading for a pee, I decided might as well do the same thing. On the way
back we put on some more wood on the fire and then sat there enjoying the
flames as they pickup. I was starting to get cold and said come dad lets
get warm in the sack again.We fucked each other again enjoying the pleasures of being for filled.So ended a great weekend with my mates and there respective dads, for me we
must do this again.
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